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I’m not sure where to start, so I’ll just jump right in. The other day when I was taking my walk, I started thinking about my devotional life or really, lack thereof. It occurred to me, stop me if you’ve already thought of this, that by neglecting God’s word but still having a regular prayer life, is a little like me being very me centered. I’m doing all the talking but not listening to anything He has to say. How self-centered can I get! I know lots of people have said this before but it hits home when you realize it’s a picture of yourself.
The great part is, we have a gazillion Bibles and God’s word is in every one of them. He wants to talk to me! Little ole me. I just need to shut my yap long enough to hear Him. How great is that!
I suppose you’re wondering what this has to do with finding myself. The plan is now to listen to what the Lord has to say through His Word and then, get this, Be Obedient!
I believe it was Elisabeth Eliot who I first heard say, “Obey what you know.” I love her practicalness and miss the radio show immensely. She is kind of like a spiritual mother for me. Of course, Nancy Leigh DeMoss is wonderful too. She’s more like a sister than a mother figure though. Sisters are good, very good.

I digress. So, there’s no great mystery as to what I’m to do. He already has it laid out in general terms, I just need to pay attention to the Holy Spirit’s leading to get the specifics. Ain’t God good?!


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