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Getting back to Genesis

I have started reading the Bible through beginning in Genesis and hopefully making it to Revelation at some point in my lifetime. I am looking specifically for things that God says I should be doing, going back to that obey what you know thing. It seems the more you know the better off you’ll be, right? Of course, I want to see Scripture as a whole and not so focused on one thing that I lose sight of the big picture. This may take a while!

So the first thing I’ve noticed that I’m to do is to be a suitable helper for my husband and a companion. It’s not a good thing for your man to be alone. If you don’t like this, God said it, not me. Take it up with Him. That’s a pretty tall order right there.
Next in Genesis 2:24, it says we shall become one flesh. That may take some time to wrap my mind around. The obvious of what hurts him, hurts me is easy to understand, but the further implications are numerous and far reaching. When I think about my husband disrespectfully or speak harshly to him, I’m doing those things to myself. Well, I like myself and don’t generally do those things so I shouldn’t do them to him either.
It just gets deeper from there. I could and probably should camp right here for while, let it sink in further and change my life. The Lord is very good at changing lives, very good!
Off to contemplate….


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